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web development cost guide


The prices below are offered as an indication of what you can expect to pay for a typical web site designed and produced by Online Designs.  Each job is unique so prices may vary for your specific project but you should certainly be able to get an idea of the kind of budget your should allow for.

Prices assume client supplies web ready copy and high resolution royalty paid images, where required.

What will it cost?

Brochure style, multi-page or single scrollable page, fully responsive

(guide price for up to 6 pages)

This type of site can sometimes be more powerful than a much larger equivalent. Perfect for small businesses wanting to showcase their products / services on the web.

Includes integration with social media channels Twitter & Instagram, a contact form and a mailing list opt in form (GDPR compliant). Plus the site architecture is designed to stand the very best chance of getting that vital organic search engine listing on all the major search engines.

From £895

Multi page, fully responsive website

(guide price for around 9 – 18 pages)

For those needing to display more information, perhaps broken down into multiple sections.

Includes integration with social media channels Twitter & Instagram, a customised contact form and a mailing list opt in form (GDPR compliant).

From £1995

Ecommerce, fully responsive website

Depending on the size of the business and the anticipated traffic we partner with either the wooCommerce or Shopify platform.

These powerful systems allow business owners to get their products online in a very cost effective way and provide full inventory, sales and payment management.

From £3795

Logo design, corporate identity

Whether it’s an eye catching logo or full brand identity we can help.

From £495

Social Media Channel Branding

Your social media channels need to reflect the rest of your corporate identity. This package covers setting up of your chosen social media channels and configuration and implementation of a consistent design.

From £295

WordPress Development / User Training

We can provide full training to end users wishing to take control of their own websites, teaching them how to maintain existing or create new content.

Through our sister company ( we also provide intensive training geared towards graphic designers wishing to take their traditional design skills and learn how to build beautiful websites.

From £55 / hr

Through our sister company we can also provide a full Digital Publicity Service.

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